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YOUR 5 EROTIC BLUEPRINTS: What They Are And How To Find Yours?

Okay lets get into it I find that couples face this issues often when I'm sitting down with them in a Session and these are some basic Blueprints that i go through among other things but in order to find out the rest you must Book a session :)

Gaining more insight into yourself and your life has consistently proved to be of much benefit. People often seek therapy to better understand they think the way they do, or act the way they act. Well we often assess particular job descriptions to fit our personalities, and we all hopefully are completely aware of your love language so you can communicate how you want to experience love and affection. Trust me it only make sense that methods of understanding our own and others thoughts and behaviors could also be incredibly useful tools for enhancing our sex lives and potential for pleasure.


Lets understand what erotic blueprint is? Its a Arousal map to your primary sexual style, which includes the types of pleasure you enjoy, your turn-ons, turnoffs, and "what makes you reach an orgasm". There are 5 erotic blueprints: energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, and shapeshifter. Learning these blueprints will uncover your and increase self-awareness, compassion,communication, and erotic pleasure in your sex life. For couples it can help them understand where and why they are sexually, at the stage of their life and where they want to be, and creates language for them to recognize and communicate their needs and desires so they can be met.

Typically one or two of the five erotic blueprints emerge as your primary blueprints though its not uncommon to have a little of each type. "Our primary blueprint represents the fastest route to your eroticism, while your secondary opens another pathway and supports your pleasure,". Your blueprint can also change or shift depending on where you are in the different stages in your life, or you may become intrigued by the other blueprints and want to explore or expand your sex life. But please Remember each blueprint has a "shadow side" which is described as beliefs, judgments, and feelings that kill your access to the enjoyment of your erotic body and mind and keep you from experiencing desire and pleasure.


  1. ENERGETIC: Energy is is what its all about. People with this blueprint are aroused by space, anticipation, and teasing. But Energetic's are also hypersensitive, and therefore less touch is more. "They tend to prefer light, hovering touch, eye contact, using breath etc. People with the energetic blueprint often experience altered states, have non-genital full-body orgasms, and orgasm without being touched. Also energetic people may also be more intuitive, and their sexual connections are usually deeply emotional or spiritual experiences. They usually require a sense of safety to allow them to maintain arousal.

If your a Energetic Blueprint don't underestimate the power of your breath breathe deeply during sex and for couples try synchronized breath work for increased intimacy and orgasmic potential. Because your tendency for over stimulation, you may want to try slowly and incrementally introducing more touch into your sexual experiences.

2. SENSUAL: The Sensual blueprint is all about the vibes. They are turned on by exploring and entertaining all of their senses during sexual and erotic intimacy: taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound. To the sensual, setting the mood is very important, ex: setting up a beautiful space, with candles, or turning on music etc. This type really likes to savor the experience and take in the atmosphere. they may delight in various types of play that enhance, tease, deprive the senses. So how do you thrive if your blueprint is sensual? Well for start sexual play and exploration dedicated to the senses: sensation play its called. (EX: blindfolding your partner by doing this you enhance the experience and sensitivity of the others.) If your a Sensual Blueprint the environment is the most important key, so you can be easily affected and turned off if something is off like wrong music, unpleasant smells, or unflattering lighting.

3. SEXUAL: Sexual blueprint tends to be focused on the ins and outs of sex, quite literally. They pursue orgasm and pleasure primarily through genital stimulation and penetrative sex. Sex for this type of individual usually orgasm-driven, fun, and used as a way to relax. they are often aroused easily and quickly and like to have sex frequently. Sexually blueprint individuals tends to be aroused visually by bodies and sex and may not experience much shame around their sexuality. If your a Sexual blueprint you tend to enjoy watching sex, especially penetrative, (so ethical porn) is often a great place to go to heighten sexual experiences for you, instead of just enjoying it on your own, you can use it to discover new positions or watch something with your partner as foreplay or during sex.

Sexual blueprint desire very genital-focused sex or orgasm as the main or ultimate goal, so they may find themselves uninterested in exploring other avenues of pleasure. this can create issues if their partner has a different blueprint.

4. KINKY: Kinky blueprints are titillated by the taboo. they are primarily excited by situations or activities that are considered outside of the social norms of sexuality or labeled "deviant". People with this blueprint are drawn to things like power dynamics, stepping out of their comfort zone, pushing edges, etc, and are turned on by psychological, sensation, and/or fetish-based kink. As a result kinky blueprint individuals tend to embrace a lot of fantasy and creativity in their sex lives and enjoy role-play situations. It can be helpful to prioritize finding a kink-positive partner who is also interested in this particular things you have affinity for.

If your a Kinky blueprint individual most feel ashamed. You might feel guilty for having certain desires and can experience mental and emotional barriers to communicating your desires to your partner (especially if in the past you experienced a shameful reaction before) You should work on unpacking any unconscious sexual shame or repression you might have.

5. SHAPESHIFTER: Shapeshifters blueprint get off on all of it. Their arousal is influenced by a little bit of everything I have mentioned. they crave variety and are considered the explorers of the Blueprints when it comes to sexuality and kink. Fresh new experiences are key in satiating the appetite of the shapeshifter blueprint. These individuals will need a partner who is equally yoked with a broad capacity for pleasure. Because of the shapeshifter's versatility, it can be a good idea to build a big sexual tool kit, with a range of toys, implements, outfits and more, so you can easily access a variety of sexual experiences

If your a shapeshifter blueprint individual you can get stuck by people pleasing and can become overwhelming to work through. They may also feel their too much for their sexual partner which can lead to inhibited orgasm and pleasure.

So we literally don't have a Blueprint when it comes to sexuality and pleasure, especially one that caters to our specific sexual personality that's why the erotic blueprint concept I have designed can be so helpful: "It takes the guesswork out of knowing how you are erotically wired". If we can understand our own sexual needs, desires, boundaries, and emotional blocks, we can then talk about them with our partners with more confidence and comfort. In relationships, erotic blueprints can help partners understand each other's needs and make adjustments in the bedroom so both individual are satisfied and experiencing more uninhibited pleasure.

TIPS: Knowing your Primary and Secondary blueprints can also help you discover fun, sexy, and fresh ways to liven up your sex life and navigating your shadow side. The bottom line is: Erotic Blueprints are like your sexual personality type. learning how you are sexually wired, what your needs are?, and what your boundaries or limits are will help you to have affirming and positive sexual experiences, both alone and with others. For Couples discovering your partners Blueprint can help you both confidently navigate sex and intimacy and any challenges or roadblocks you may encounter.

So if you want to learn your secondary Blueprint and a full Erotic Blueprint Book a One on One Session with me and lets explore this pathway. All Consultations are Free. Keep in mind just like Love languages, you should be just as interested in learning your Blueprint and if your are coupled your partners blueprint for a healthy and happy path of communicating and pleasure.

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