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Okay I'm sure you all are reading this title and like WHAT is she talking about? Well keep reading I will explain.

Okay we all grow up and we for the most part have our mother, father, or grandmother there in the household as the disciplinary right? And as kids we were seen but not heard. ( I'm sure 60's and 70's baby can relate to this)

Well in 80% of households your parents tell you what to wear, when to go to bed, who to talk and play with etc. So as you age and you move out of your parents home and start building your own roots in the world ex: job, house, children,husband/wife girlfriend/boyfriend you develop your own style and way of living.

So my question is when you talk or visit your parents as an adult and they are giving you advice, their opinions DO you tell your parents mom/dad/grandmother whomever your calling your parent to mind their business? Do you talk back, or completely feel it's YOUR right to now set them straight? At what point is it considered Disrespect?

FYI: I'm completely an independent adult and my mom/dad give me their opinions or advice majority of time when I didn't ask but I just listen and later sift through what I will use from them and the rest I discard.

So my point if you have Parents who sometimes can't STOP Parenting even though your Grown use patients and just practice the sifting method.

Let me know your stories you may have encountered with your parents.

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