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I find myself asking this question ALL the time in my head when you have a friend, family member, Coworker, etc.. call you, or their in your presence and having some issues. As their talking, yelling, crying whatever emotion their channeling with you what are they doing Venting? or Seeking Advice. Because there is a difference.

Venting meaning: (verb action) Give free expression to an emotion.

Advice meaning: Guidance or recommendations.

I find majority of people just want to vent although they ask you advice, and opinions inside they don't want to hear your opinions or advice because generally they know the answers to the problem but hearing it out loud brings their reality to the forefront. And sometimes more times then none we are not ready to stop whatever dysfunction that we are dealing with. And that dysfunction can be a vice, a person of interest, a living arrangement etc...

So what do you do? Do we just say forget that friend? Or do we stop Meet them where their at? Yes, we meet them where there at . We allow them to live in their emotion and just be as supportive as we possibly can.

So patients and understanding and a little compassion goes along way. Remember this. So next time someone reach out to you venting and seeking advice remember this blog and use the tips you were giving.

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