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Quote from Dr. Suess " Today you are you that is truer than. There is no-one alive who is youer than you."


Because there is literally only one you and there will only ever be one you. Which begs the question, why are we so afraid to be ourselves? Why are we scared of our uniqueness and what makes us different?


Sometimes it's so hard to break out of the social constraints, pressures and expectations put on us by ourselves, those around us and from what we see. So much so that we stay in line, we confirm and we admire from afar those who are strong enough to show up as themselves. Never thinking that could be me. Why not?

Well I'm here to tell Sister. Life is happening. Living starts now. You have one life and you deserve to live it true to you. True to your wants and desires. And the beauty is, it will be different to any life that came before it and different to any life that comes after it. And those who have something to say about it...Well that's your business. Not yours. Those that have the strongest negative opinions tend to be projecting their own fears of breaking out from the constraints, their fears of being different and ridiculed, so they ridicule others. Masking their fear as superior opinion leaders.

There will always be people with opinions different from yours and that's okay understand this. What's not okay is living a half measured life that you are not happy. Living on other peoples terms and conforming to someone else's standards.

Remember this:

Dress how you want to dress, Look how you want to look, Don't feign emotions, if you don't like something/someone say it and be consistent, Embrace every part of you, don't hide away, Do what you want, say what you want, go where you want, Live on your own terms. I find these are words to live by.

I found out that most people are immature and emotionally immature about something, and that should be embraced. We are emotional creatures who seek acceptance, so the acceptance needs to come from within. Sometimes I feel ashamed of being insecure, but what good does feeling ashamed do? Putting emphasis and effort into trying to hide any part of yourself, inevitably heightens the feeling. Instead we should embrace all we are, the good and the "not so good". If we become more open we could create a normalcy around being imperfect.

I like to get well acquainted with myself these days. I try to wear my own style of clothes, hair, and I have adapted just trying to be my authentic self in the best way i know how. Because when I try to dress for others and overthink about fitting in what I wear or do I end up feeling pressure to look good for others and end up feeling uncomfortable.

So my advice and tip to all Male/female/gender fluid etc. Be your best authentic self the best You You can be. Don't worry about not fitting in, Don't worry about if people don't agree what you live love and be you. Go to my page and add your email so you can get notifications on all my new Blogs and new things that is coming up next month.

Comment like share and continue the discussion. EMBRACE ALL THAT YOU ARE!

There will only be One You. Start showing up how you want, little by little, day by day and start living on your own terms. WITH NO SHAME

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