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DATING 101 DATING PERIOD/Talking Stage (All 1 Category) Part 1

Okay lets get into it... Dating Period/Talking stage is All one category. I'm sure you saying to yourself WHAT??? I will explain why.

As a friend you are giving me something I already have, something I don't really want, and something I wasn't really looking for. But most of the time if someone is looking for a relationship they are not necessarily looking for a platonic buddy. However, everything has to have a foundation a beginning and end point. So you are starting as friends remembering friends is not a place where the woman/ or man who is looking for more is going to be satisfied remaining because that's something they already have more than likely is FRIENDS, something he/she doesn't want more of is FRIENDS, and something he/she wasn't really looking for was more FRIENDS. So as friends we are expressing mutual romantic interest in each other and getting to know one another for the purpose of deciding the next steps. FYI: This is the most important factor people leave out and that

is why the friendship stage tends to last for so long. Key Notes: During this time each person is texting/calling each other everyday all day (period I call the Honeymoon stage) spending time hanging out going to casual places together just really getting to know each others likes/dislikes. Remember no matter what urges you may have there should be NO sex or any intimate actions going on during this period because that will change the dynamic of the bond and cloud any real opportunity of a successful connection without lust playing a role. There is NO commitment and exclusivity in a Dating/Talking Stage period Remember you really are using this time to get to know one another. You are not inviting each other over to your homes for dinner because that opens up and implies other thoughts that you might not was hoping for. You want to keep it interesting, casual but still letting the other person know you are really enjoying their company. Ladies you should be opening yourselves to allow the guy to court you with no hesitations, Guys you should be allowing your emotional and patient characteristics to show during this time. You also should be looking for RED FLAGS during this period because most people hide their true personality for about 2-3 weeks but after that time frame its hard to remain with that disguise (I will discuss what are the COMMON RED FLAGS ON ANOTHER BLOG) This period/stage usually should last for 3 months but it truly depends on the two individuals. After 3 months both individuals should already know if they will remain in the friend zone, not continue the dating process, or move into exclusivity with each other. But remember every person is different so this is a cheat sheet on my experience of dating successfully and how it can work for you. Comment and tell me your thoughts and I will Blog Part 2 with all the common red flags that you should avoid.

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