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Coping with Anxiety

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Well I don't know about you, but anxiety at sometime in point in our lives has lingered around like a good old friend . It never seems as if it wants to leave. When most people become anxious their way of coping is resulted to drinking numerous cups of tea, or exercising, or praying which often time would put anyone at ease, it's what I like to call a hug in a mug, or relaxation in the brain.....But as you become older you realise that boiling it down to needing a cuppa completely invalidates how one feel and doesn't help.

All you seem to do is what I call " Putting your blinkers on and pretending that you feel better". And once you do that your basically ignoring the anxiety which brings on an onset of insomnia, the intrusive thoughts, the breathlessness, and the tight chest often times appearing when your sitting down. You forget the feeling of spacing out, whilst having a racing mind, feeling overwhelmed like you wanted to hide, but also scream, but staying quiet.

It is a head fuck that needs a bit more attention and acceptance than a simple cup of tea, or exercise. Don't get me wrong there is always time for tea and possibly the mindful act of making a cup could help calm down heightened emotions. But I'm sure we can come up with a few more coping mechanisms than that, but with cuppa in hand as opposed to just making it and hoping for the best.

So lets understand that yes anxiety can be crippling. However, it does subside. you can learn to welcome it, embrace the feelings, and learn how to control and overcome them. That being said it is not easy and will take some work. This is something you need to accept, but once you realise you aren't anxiety, your'e experiencing it, things become manageable. So here are 5 Tips and few methods that can help you cope and manage each day:

  • Meditation: I have found that when your mind gets crazy and nothing makes sense and you can't calm down, then some simple meditation helps. It feels as if the crazy emotions simply dissipate from your body. You can do as little as threes minutes to as many as you like (the headspace app is a great help). Remember meditation helps slow your mind down and helps you become more aware of your thoughts. This will help you notice when negative thoughts start ramping up what do you do? flip the script in your head. and say "I am safe. I am okay. This will pass.

  • Movement: No one is saying become a gym rat or marathon runner but movement of the body to manage mental health (understanding anxiety is a mental health behavior) helps wonders. Yoga at home for about 5 minutes or 50 minutes depends on your tolerance helps. You will find that doing this basic step will gradually calm down your nerves and start to remove the high level in your head.

  • Nourishment: EAT!! Yes eat....By eating nourishing things like fruits, vegetables can stimulate your body and thus help your body relax. Drinking at least two litres of water a day will definitely make a difference.

  • Journaling: Now I know your saying Please!! But understanding writing is very cathartic. Because on those insomnia nights when you have so much going on in your brain its helps by just getting a note pad and writing down your thoughts. It also helps you to acknowledge how your feeling and somehow helps to make sense of them.

  • Sleep: And when all else fails try sleeping. Try to wind down about an hour before bed, dim the lights, have a bath possibly with candles, maybe read a book. A Lot of times you would find that anxiety moods tend to peak at night. (again try the headspace app).

These are a few things that I have found helpful, it is hard to manage anxiety and the hardest part is starting, but you're the only person that can help you. Don't take yourself for granted and try to stop being so hard on yourself. Once you start the 5 basic steps you will start to look more like your in control and put together on the outside.

Start prioritising yourself, your self-care and your mental health always comes first.

It's time to fill your cup up. You got this! But if you find you need more help seek a professional possibly a Counselor or therapist. Visit my website for a free Consultation.

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