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Hello my name is Della Mullins,

If you are seeking out therapy that shows a sign of strength and you deserve a safe place for discovery.  Sometimes the discovery is about friends and loved ones or your kids. But remember the journey of discovery leads to "self" and how we interact with others and ourselves. Let me help you on your journey towards goals that you decide. I hope you find happiness based on what we discover together. I see our relationship as a collaboration and partnership. Whether you are dealing with a crisis or just searching for clarification, i believe that we can work together to develop insight, understanding, and emotional healing.


Education: I have earned my Bachelors of science in Human services and Masters of science in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy at Capella University, as well as certification in Domestic Violence, Child abuse and Maltreatment, and Substance and Alcohol abuse. I completed my trainee ship at New Haven's Environmental Protector's Inc in New Haven, CT. Additionally I worked with the Homeless population for over 5 years at HELPUSA.

I consider myself a lifelong learner with a passion for emerging theories and techniques. I also have a license in Culinary Arts.

Ultimately I feel this is a journey of exploration. I strive to create a therapeutic environment where everyone feel understood, heard, and seen in a compassionate, non-judgmental space. We can together to explore and navigate through your concerns to reach a more meaningful and fulfilling life while reaching your potential.

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